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After 01-JULY-2021 the EU is changing the way it does business with the UK. These changes will make it difficult for us to comply with the new rules. 
For this reason we will be suspending sales to all EU countries until a suitable work-around is found. 
We appologise for this and would recommend all EU customers please order before 18-JUNE-2021 to avoid dissapointment! 

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We are based in the UK and are the leading suppliers of diagnostic leads for Ford vehicles. Our products are recommended the world over by Ford owners, Forums, Owners Clubs and workshops.

Our modified ELM327 works flawlessly with Forscan, Elmconfig, Focccus, Conversmod and many more making it the perfect choice for your Ford vehicle!

Every Ford owner should have one!

Our units are guarenteed to work with ALL Ford compatible software and at 500K!

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