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Tunnelrat Electronics

Please note that our modified Elm327 is compatible with many apps and software written specifically for Ford vehicles.
For this reason, we do not provide software with our device and cannot answer questions relating to the use of such software.

Below are links to the most popular software websites. Support for this software can be found on the websites below or on many of the Internet based discussion forums. 

Please make sure you understand how to use the software before adjusting your vehicle settings!

If you have any problems with your device please follow the troubleshooting advice below before contacting us.

Windows USB Driver Links: 

  Silicon Labs Windows XP, Vista, 7
  Silicon Labs Windows 8, 10
  FTDI Website

Windows Software Links:

 BRChangeR ELM327 Baud change
BRChanger Mirror

Help & Guides:

  Please follow our setup guide for USB products: click here

  If you purchased the auto switch USB ELM327 please see the additional info in the item description on the product page.

 If you purchased our WiFi ELM327 please follow the setup guide contained within the item description on the product page.

 If you are having problems, please see the guide below...

Basic Troubleshooting guide....

Sometimes things don't always go to plan and you may be having some difficulties getting your device to work.

Before contacting us please make sure you followed the set up guides on this website.

If you are still having problems setting up your USB device please read below. 

Here are the 6 problem areas of the USB ELM327...

To narrow down the problem please run Forscan and attempt to connect to vehicle as per the setup guide.

Forscan Error "No Elm Found. Please check connection and try again."

This error can be caused by any problem from block 1 to 3 in the above diagram. The usual cause of this is drivers. Make sure your drivers are correctly installed by checking device manager. If you have any yellow triangle warnings your drivers did not install correctly. Try reinstalling with antivirus disabled and with administrator permissions. 

If you still have the above error but your drivers are installed correctly, check that the COM port on the forscan settings page matches the COM port on your windows device manager settings.

If everything is correct, please contact us for more guidence. 

Forscan Error "Unable to Connect to Vehicle. Please make sure ignition is on and try again."

This error can be caused by any problem from block 4 to 6 in the above diagram. The usual cause is the switch not set in the HS position. Try flipping the switch and try again.
If there is still no connection make sure the car ignition is on and that the ELM327 is pushed firmly and squarely into the OBD socket. 
Failing that, try flipping the switch back and forth very quickly several times. The purpose of this is to try to clean the internal contacts of the switch as they can become dirty or contaminated if not used for some time. If you have any switch cleaning spray try squirting a small amount down the toggle, into the switch body and working it in by flipping the switch several times as before. 
If there is still no connection, check that the car is compatible with forscan by checking at and that the OBD port has not been disabled as part of an anti-theft device.

Forscan error "This adapter has CAN bus compatibility problems and can not be used"

This problem is usually due to the car trying to communicate faster than the laptop is receiving. Make sure you are using the most recent version of Forscan, and that you have disabled any background apps and virus checkers that could be causing your laptop to lag, and that you have increased the baud rate of the ELM327 with BRChanger or Elmconfig software.

Any other problems, or if the above did not help, please contact us for further advice.